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Safety, professionalism, and a sense of community are paramount at The Gun Range.

Gun Range

We are staffed by firearms professionals who are backed by decades of hands on experience using various types of firearms. As your one stop shop for recreational shooting, firearm defensive training, as well as non-lethal training, we offer our customers the broadest educational platform possible and tailor it either to the individual, or as a classroom setting for a group.


Because the Gun Range is operated as an educational facility, we are able to accommodate the broadest spectrum of clientele. We offer 13 well-lit lanes, 20 yards long, that can easily accommodate any caliber, semiautomatic to fully automatic, up to but not including, .50 BMG, and everything in between.

Become A Pro

Whether you are a new shooter who wants to learn basic gun handling and safety skills prior to utilizing the range or someone who’s had prior experience and wants to hone your skills, this is the range for you. We offer basic gun handling classes all day, every day that last for approximately 15-20 minutes. This class focuses on firearm safety and handling for the purpose of utilizing the range. No reservation is needed. Just walk in and we’ll take care of the rest.

*Please note that we do not rent firearms to people who come alone. You must be accompanied by a second person to utilize the range (no experience needed). If you visit us with your own firearm, you are welcome to shoot alone.*


In addition to our daily safety classes, we also offer beginner self-defense firearm classes (shooters who have had prior shooting experience) AND intermediate self-defense firearm classes (shooters that have completed the beginner course and/or have a higher degree of firearms experience). These classes initially focus on each student’s technical inadequacies and correcting them using proper technique. They are taught one-on-one with an instructor and last approximately 2.5 hours. Each student will be provided with 50 rounds of ammunition, protective gear, and three targets each. Students who own firearms are welcomed to bring them. Those who do not will be provided with a rental.

The beginner and intermediate classed require a reservation. Reserve your spot by emailing us at phillygunrange45@gmail.com or by calling the range at 215-236-9292. The cost for the beginner and intermediate classes are $150 per person.

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