NJ CCW Permit (Resident and Non Resident)

USCCA certified instructors
If you booked a class that requires a reservation, you may come solo.
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NJ CCW PERMIT (Resident and Non Resident)

Requires a reservation

If you are a resident of NJ, you must obtain an FID card from your township. Non residents do not need an FID card.

If you are new to shooting or gun ownership, please schedule a private 2 hour of 1-1 training lesson. You must be able to demonstrate basic firearms knowledge and safety. Th instructor will work with you on everything you need to feel comfortable and confident with your firearm.

- Your own firearm. You are allowed to qualify with up to two (2) pistols in NJ. The qualification will consist of a 50- round course of fire with our team.

- Ammunition must be purchased at The Gun Range. You must receive a score of 80% or better (40 rounds on target). You will be required to demonstrate safety, accuracy and familiarity. Scores below 80% require retesting.

- Holster (Hip and Waist only) If you do not have a holster, please visit the Gun Range and discuss holsters with our team prior to booking your class.

Students will be provided a certificate of completion and all of the paperwork needed to obtain your CCW. Please make sure you have your state ID with you when you come to the range.

Duration: 2 Hours
Cost: $250

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