First Time Visitors

First Time Visitors

Whether you are a person who has never held a firearm, someone who needs help with qualification or a place to hone your skills, we provide the training and atmosphere that is conducive to inclusivity, comradery and learning.

Step 1

Check in with a valid US state issued photo ID (ie. driver’s license or passport) and complete a waiver. Physical IDs only, no copies or photo images.

Step 2

Rent your firearm and purchase ammo. Our team will assist you in renting the right firearm that suits you, along with ammunition, ear and eye protection, and targets.

Step 3

In keeping with our dedication to safety, we require that all new shooters prior to using the facility, take a 15 minute firearms basic lesson with an instructor that introduces you to firearm safety, how to properly hold, grip, sight and handle your firearm prior to utilizing the range. Those with prior firearms experience and demonstrate to the staff they are safe with firearm etiquette may bypass the lesson.

Step 4

Enter the range. Those who received a safety lesson will first enter the range with their instructor to ensure that whatever they learned in the classroom is implemented on the range. Once that is complete, you are free to use your lane.

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