About Us

About our Range

The Gun Range is staffed by firearms professionals who are backed by decades of hands-on experience using various types of firearms. As your one stop shop for recreational shooting, firearm defensive training, as well as non-lethal training, we offer our customers the broadest educational platform possible and tailor it either to the individual or as a classroom setting for a group. We offer 12 well-lit lanes, 20 yards long, that can easily accommodate any caliber, semiautomatic to fully automatic, up to but not including, .50 BMG, and everything in between.

The Gun Range is open to the public and we are walk-in only. You can bring your own firearm or rent from our wide selection of handguns and rifles.

If you are renting our firearms, you must be accompanied by a second person. We only rent our firearms to a group of two or more. If you’re bringing your own firearm, you can come solo.

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