Our Motto

Safety, professionalism, and a sense of community are paramount at The Gun Range. We are staffed by firearms professionals who are backed by decades of hands-on experience using various types of firearms. As your one stop shop for recreational shooting, firearm defensive training, as well as non-lethal training, we offer our customers the broadest educational platform possible and tailor it either to the individual or as a classroom setting for a group.

Because the Gun Range is operated as an educational facility, we are able to accommodate the broadest spectrum of clientele. We offer 13 well-lit lanes, 20 yards long, that can easily accommodate any caliber, semiautomatic to fully automatic, up to but not including, .50 BMG, and everything in between.

Whether it is a person who has never held a firearm or a professional who needs help with qualification or place to hone their skills, we provide the training, the facility and atmosphere that is conducive to inclusivity, comradery and learning.


Every Wednesday and Thursday, in addition to our daily Safety Classes, we will be teaching a small group (seven student maximum) beginner Self-Defense Firearms class and an Intermediate firearms Self-Defense  class, respectively. The classes will initially focus on each student’s technical inadequacies and correcting them using proper technique. The classes are essentially a mixture of group and individual instruction. Students who own firearms are urged to bring them. Those who do not own a firearm will be provided with a rental. We will provide each student with 50 rounds of 9mm, or 100 rounds of .22LR cartridges, as well as three targets each.

The class will run about two hours.

Wednesday Beginner Self-Defense Firearms Class: Shooters who already have experience with firearms: April 10, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Thursday Intermediate Self-Defense Firearms Class: Shooters that have completed the 1st course and/or have a higher degree of firearms experience: April 11, 2018 at 6 p.m.

Spaces are limited and fill up quickly. Reserve your spot today!